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Have you herd? Goat yoga has arrived in Delaware A Sussex County farming family has started Goat Joy, a business that brings goat yoga and goat socials to southern Delaware. People can mix and mingle with the baby goats while getting in some exercise, or ...

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Have you herd? Goat yoga has arrived in Delaware

In 2011, Bilyana Simonoski's father attacked her mother with an axe. When Bilyana, who was in her early 20s, tried to intervene, her father swung the axe at her, severing her hand in half. He hit her mother in the head and neck, leaving her with brain ...

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This Nonprofit Organization Is Using Yoga to Help People Heal After Domestic Abuse

People get into yoga for different reasons, whether as an alternative to cardio, a way to unwind after a long week, or in some instances as a part of their belief system. No matter the reason for the practice, setting aside time in your schedule to quiet ...

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7 Reasons to Try Yoga

Draw your shoulders back, lift your chest, and let your heart shine with these beats. We're always focused on taking up as little space as possible, when really we should be spreading our arms and sharing our light with the world. Hit play and let this ...

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Heat It Up! A Yoga Playlist to Ignite Your Inner Fire

For 30 million people, that nagging pain in their knee or neck or shoulder is osteoarthritis. And the pain can be disabling. We spend billions every year on over-the-counter and prescription meds. But a Florida researcher thinks she has another, drug-free ...

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Prescribing chair yoga for osteoarthritis pain

The One Mix Yoga is a laptop computer with a 7 inch touchscreen display. It’s small enough to slide into a pocket… if you have fairly large pockets. But it’s a full-fledged Windows PC with an Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB ...

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One Mix Yoga 7 inch convertible laptop unboxing and first look

Fort Myers woman uses yoga to help others reduce stress, improve health Combining hatha and vinyasa techniques, Kimberly Steinmetz believes she has found a way for people to reduce stress from their lives Check out this story on https ...

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Fort Myers woman uses yoga to help others reduce stress, improve health

Diane Mastrull has been at the Inquirer since 1997, covering Atlantic City, suburban development trends, commercial development, and, for the last six years, small business. The creator of the red-hot Scrub Daddy attributes his emergence as the top-selling ...

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Reach and Raise: Yoga and breast cancer support at the Art Museum steps

To help combat stress, yoga can be a particularly effective tool. Thanks to its physical benefits like toned muscles and increased flexibility, it’s become incredibly popular. But it’s actually the internal effects that make it so powerful. Studies ...

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Yoga for Calm: 5 Poses to Relieve Stress

These simple postures from Josh Summers will also help enhance the circulation of this vital energy. As yogis, we all probably have a deep conviction in the power of our yoga practice to help smooth our energetic kinks. As an acupuncturist, I want to show ...

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