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Las Vegas Golf Courses, and the "Losers" Who Play Them
Albert Medinas

It should come as no surprise that some of the most expensive golf clubs in the country are found in and around Las Vegas. It's just not as easy as you might think to keep a lush green in the middle of a desert! That said, many private golf courses in the area don't even list rates, so one can only guess how steep the rates actually are. But there are still a number of private and public courses where you can go and play a great round of golf - and still leave the green with some greenbacks in your wallet.

I lost at blackjack last night but I still have $50 left...can I play golf, or should I just head over to the slot machines instead?

Well, I guess that all depends on just how lucky you feel. But if you are tired of giving the casinos all of your money, and want to take advantage of the great golf courses Las Vegas has to offer, then you are in luck...maybe. A growing concern for those wanting to play on the golf courses in the Las Vegas area is the fluctuating rates. Hey, we're all used to rates changing due to seasons, lighting conditions, reservations...the works. But some of the golf courses in Las Vegas have divided the seasons up in ever-more-imaginative ways, that seem to try and squeeze every last possible dollar out of the green. However (and this is subject to change, so DEFINITELY try to book some green time as far in advance as possible), the following golf courses can be played for $50 or less: Craig Ranch, Los Prados, and Eagle Crest.

I managed to escape the casinos with $ anyone?

If you have been able to squirrel away a Ben Franklin, then a lot of the golf courses Las Vegas offers will gladly put you on the green. Now again, the rates at some golf courses are changing by the day, it seems - so be sure to check before showing up with only Ben. Those officially posting fees of $100 or less during the winter months are: Desert Rose, Las Vegas Golf Club, Painted Desert, Highland Falls, Palm Valley, Las Vegas National Golf Club, and the Rhodes Ranch. Oh, and for those not "in the know", rates tend to be higher for golf courses in Las Vegas during the winter months, as the heat can be downright brutal during the summer. Oh yeah, Las Vegas is in the middle of a big desert, isn't it?

I really need to stretch my golfing funds as much as possible...what options do I have?

No worries, my friend - sometimes the cards just aren't rolling. You can save anywhere from $5-15 by walking golf courses instead of driving the carts. Not a great option during the heat of the summer months, but an option that can help stretch the dollar a little farther.

Twilight rates are another way to save money, but they can be very confusing. What is most confusing about the golf courses Las Vegas has to offer is that their twilight rates are not necessarily offered in the dying light. During the summer months, and due to the extreme heat, twilight hours tend to start in the late morning and early afternoon. In the winter, however, twilight hours occur at the end of the day, and it is not uncommon for golfers to not get in an entire 18 holes.

While Las Vegas does have many exclusive golf clubs, with prices so steep that they refuse to post them, there are a number of reasonably priced golf courses that offer some great greens at prices even the worst of gamblers can afford. Plus, if you are wise and plan accordingly, you can get those low prices even lower - and maybe even get in another round of golf to keep your mind off those lousy cards for a few hours longer! After a great round on the green, I can promise you that you will not leave Las Vegas feeling like a "loser" - even if your wallet tells you otherwise.

About the author:

Albert Medinas has developed and maintains the website Best Golf Courses, which answers the most common questions players have about Golf Courses. Please visit us at today.

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