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When personal trainer Jessi Kneeland decided to share a candid photo of herself post-workout, celebrating the dimples on her thighs and urging followers to do the same, she received countless comments thanking her for her positive approach. However, one ...

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Woman responds perfectly when a stranger criticises her cellulite

Social media is ruining the way we recall memories, says new study It doesn’t matter if you’re super fit and toned or haven’t exercised in your life, cellulite can happen. It’s totally normal, it doesn’t mean anything about your health, and it ...

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Personal trainer shares side by side photos to show how she poses to hide her cellulite

It’s easy to understand why so many women believe that cellulite isn’t part of a natural or “fit” body. Given the images in advertising and on Instagram, one could easily assume that models and fitness gurus simply don’t possess butt dimples ...

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This personal trainer’s trick proves that cellulite-free Instagram photos aren’t realistic

A fitness trainer turned the tables on a cruel troll who branded her 'fat' after she showed off her cellulite in a picture, by flaunting her trim and toned physique while labeling him 'ignorant and uneducated' about the female body. Jessi Kneeland, 30 ...

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Trainer blasts troll who branded her 'unhealthy and fat' after she shared image of her cellulite, showing off her toned body in another picture to show he is 'ignorant and ...

Jessi Kneeland practices what she preaches. According to her Instagram, the body image coach and trainer has been “on a mission to help women learn how to accept and embrace their bodies (and their authentic selves)," and she's doing just that.

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You Have To See How This Fitness Trainer Clapped Back At Her Cellulite-Shamer

Chat with us on Facebook Messenger. Learn what's trending across POPSUGAR. If you haven't already, Jessi Kneeland would love to introduce you to her "fancy fat" otherwise known as the pretty dimples along the back of her legs and butt. Unlike other workout ...

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This Fitness Trainer's Response to a Cellulite-Shamer Instantly Put Him in His Place

Listen up, folks: There is nothing wrong with or unusual about cellulite, and blogger Sophie Allen wants you to remember that. Allen, a popular fitness Instagrammer from Australia, recently reiterated this message to her hundreds of thousands of followers ...

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This Woman’s “Before-and-After” Photos of Her Cellulite Make an Important Point

"It's unhealthy" has become the rallying cry of trolls looking to get away with body-shaming. But as a viral Instagram post by fitness trainer Jessi Kneeland points out, their criticisms often have nothing to do with health. After she shared a picture of ...

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Fitness Trainer's Instagram Celebrates Cellulite

No matter how hard you work out or healthy you eat, some forms of body fat just will not go away in some people. This type of fat is called cellulite. Many products and treatments on the market claim to get rid of cellulite, but what really works?

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Not all body fat is the same: How is cellulite different?

Local collagen supplement users say it helps reduce wrinkles, cellulite Powder collagen supplements have become the latest trend in the wellness world Check out this story on delawareonline.com: http://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/health/2017/08/14 ...

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