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Cellulite is—wait for it—normal. It’s a simple fact that's now gone viral, thanks to 25-year-old Nienke Kampman. The dietitian from the Netherlands says she’s received an overwhelming response from women everywhere since she posted a series of ...

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This Woman Shared a Photo of the Cellulite on Her Thighs and Butt to Prove Instagram Is Not Reality

Sophie Monk has been busy promoting the debut of Love Island. And the 37-year-old joked about her own chances on the saucy matching making, reality show - if she were a contestant. Speaking to The Fix she said: 'Without filters? And in bikinis?

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'I'd sit in the shadow to hide my cellulite!' Sophie Monk jokes about 'faking' her bikini body ahead of the highly anticipated debut of Love Island

Cellulite is not real. The end. Cellulite made the leap from medical textbooks to the mainstream lexicon sometime at the turn of the century, losing its true definition along the way. It’s hard to track its exact trajectory, but as Ghigi points out, this ...

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Cellulite Isn't Real. This Is How It Was Invented.

cellulite, wrinkles, moles, skin discoloration,. and restore the youthful appearance of the human face. As ageism in industrialized societies is rapidly increasing, as one ages, facial aesthetic units gradually become distinct and lose due to a contour of ...

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Research delivers insight into the facial aesthetic remodeling market anticipated to grow at a significant pace by 2025

If you caught our swimsuit guide, then you already know that the season is near. But don’t let dressing room trials and tribulations get you down about hopping into your itty-bitty bikinis (and one-pieces). As always, the beauty industry has got your ...

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10 Beauty Products and Treatments to Combat Cellulite and More

Social media is filled with carefully curated selfies that use just the right angle and lighting to hide so-called body flaws. That's why we love this Instagram from body-positive influencer Tesia Kline, who shared side-by-side photos of her legs—one ...

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This Woman Showed How Lighting Can Completely Change the Look of Your Cellulite

Designed to tone and tighten, this high performance body moisturiser provides a marked upgrade to your run-of-the-mill tub of body butter. Here’s why If you have cellulite, you’re not the only one. Stats reveal that over 90 per cent of women find that ...

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The new cellulite-fighting moisturiser that acts like a workout for your skin

When these cleavage-donners squat, or perhaps kneel alongside their branded paddleboard, this “cleavage” becomes more pronounced, popping under the sides of swimsuit bottoms like cute, curvy-yet-cellulite-free crescent moons. “Not content with ...

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Women now have another unreasonable bikini expectation to adhere to: ‘Hip cleavage’

The best way to get rid of that pesky cellulite is to burn it up with strength training. Cellulite happens when fat cells push up against the skin through the connective tissue and cause the skin to pucker. So drain those fat cells and replace them with ...

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Cya, Cellulite! [VIDEO]

How to tell if your bad body odor is cause for concern After trying 'every diet that exists,' these 3 things helped Sara lose 60 lbs. The first warning sign of Alzheimer's may surprise you Fact, Kourtney Kardashian has always given us healthy-eating goals.

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